The Giveaway

from by Mick Blake



Through fracking, the Corrib Gas Pipeline, forced economic emigration, the Shannon rendition flights, bondholder bailouts – our land, sea, skies, even our children have been systematically handed over to foreign interests by successive corrupt or inept governments.


The Giveaway

We'd like to apologise from this land green and fair
For bringing on this worldwide recession
It wasn't our intention, we just partied on
And now we've gone and made a bad impression
So to governments and corporations, we'd like to make small donation
Just to heal this economic rift
And so that we might amends, and please our European friends
We'll give you our whole nation as a gift....

Would you like a piece of our country to do with as you please?
Pillage it and plunder it,
Shatter all that's under it
Shake up some benzyne
Well some people say we oughta stop you poisoning the water
But those people don't have a say
So if you'd like a piece of our country, we're just givin' it away

Would you like a stretch of our ocean - you got nothin' to lose
Forget about those hippy types,
Just bury those high pressure pipes
Anywhere you choose
Don't worry if the locals get a little vocal,
we'll send in the boys in blue
So if you'd like a stretch of our ocean, just take it, it's there for you

How about a few of our children?
We can't afford to feed them no more
We'll educate them and flouridate them and send them to your shore
Well you might think the nation would protest this deportation
But there's nothing they can do
So if you'd like a few of our children, just take them, they're all for you

Would you like a slice of our heaven?
You could fly your warplanes there
Drop in for a snack on your way to Iraq
To get around neutrality, we'll call it hospitality
We don't really want to know what's happened in Guantanemo
That's none of our affair
So if you'd like a slice of our heaven, you can fly your war planes there

How about a little "investment"?
Come on and take a punt or two.
Even if you lose, we'll tax the fools, and pay it all back to you
Well you might think the nation would reject this subjugation
But there's nothing they can do.

So if you'd like a piece of our country
If you want a stretch of our ocean
A few of our children
A slice of our heaven
Our whole damn nation?
Just take it – we'll give it away to you......


from Oblivious, released March 17, 2017
Vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums - Mick Blake



all rights reserved


Mick Blake Leitrim Village, Ireland

Mick Blake is a singer/songwriter, originally from Letterkenny, now living in Leitrim. His songs have a strong social message. Christy Moore included "Oblviious" on his 2016 album "Lily".

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