Please don't vote for Mr Corbyn

by Mick Blake

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I had a dream where Rupert Murdoch became a singer songwriter, turned into Noël Coward, and wrote this song in a desperate attempt to halt the meteoric rise of Jeremy Corbyn.


We moguls of the media
are really at a loss
The polls suggest we're failing in our task

We've tried the circumspect approach,
It's time for the direct approach
Instead of smear campaigning, we'll just ask

For many centuries, we've had a system that works fine
We lounge in our mansions, and you crawl down the mines

We send you off to futile wars, you die in the front line

Can't you see that's how it's meant to be?


Please don't vote for Mr Corbyn
Never trust a man who doesn't lie
Though he might seem an able type
He's not a strong and stable type
He's got the wealthy classes terrified

Please don't vote for Mr Corbyn
A fool like him could wreck the status quo
There'd be no more banker's bonuses,
if he gets in the onus is
on us to pay the taxes that we owe

The Sun says he's an awful chap
Old Rupert's done his best
But somehow you've stopped falling for the spin

The BBC attacks him
They even sent out Paxman
To make sure that Jeremy can't win

He whines about the NHS, brings up that bloody war,
He says the nation is a mess, the rich feed off the poor

We expect no thanks from you
For opening food banks for you

Just don't elect that man we all deplore

Please don't vote for Mr Corbyn
He hangs out with terrorists you know
He thought that Mandella
was quite a pleasant fella
When everyone back then didn't think so

Think of poor Teresa and her hubby
Please don't let yourselves be lead astray
For Phil's a merchant banker
And his banking friends won't thank her
If she lets a bloody leftie win the day

He'll make us all contribute more
And close all our accounts offshore
Please don't vote for Mr Corbyn


released August 6, 2017
Mick Blake - piano and vocals



all rights reserved


Mick Blake Leitrim Village, Ireland

Mick Blake is a singer/songwriter, originally from Letterkenny, now living in Leitrim. His songs have a strong social message. Christy Moore included "Oblviious" on his 2016 album "Lily".

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